Do you get excited about pouring the perfect beer and are you looking for a fun side job? Great! We have jobs available for bartenders. But what exactly can you expect as a bartender? We have listed everything you need to know so you know what to expect when you get started as a bartender!

Working as a bartender

What can you expect as a bartender? The name already says it all. You will be tending the bar in a restaurant, café, hotel or other hospitality establishment. The bar is your domain and you are responsible for mixing and pouring the perfect drink or beer for your customers. You make sure the drinks are served to customers and you possess the right knowledge so you can advise customers on the right drink.

What can you expect as a bartender?

Depending on where you work, you may also be in charge of stock management. Certain bottles flying off the shelves? You immediately notify your supervisor so you’re never low on stock. When the waiters return empty glasses, you make sure everything is clean and ready to go for the next order. After closing you make sure the bar is clean and tidy again for the next service.

What skills do you need as a bartender?

As a bartender, it’s important that you take charge and are outgoing. You represent the company and make people feel welcome. Additionally, you have no problem with keeping an overview and staying sharp, even during the peak times. You ensure that everyone is served their favorite drink. You are also able to multitask. While the customers are still thinking about what they want to have, you also receive empty glasses and the next order from a waiter. You don’t mind varying work hours and are flexible as bartenders often work during evenings and weekends.

How much salary can you expect as a bartender?

The salary of a bartender depends on the establishment where you will be working and your own work experience. Besides minimum wage, your salary also depends on the applicable collective agreement (CAO). Either way, you can earn a nice income!

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Want to work as a bartender?

Are you excited to start as a bartender? Take a look at all the jobs available. Scroll through the list to see if anything grabs your attention. Do you have any questions about a particular job? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

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