Would you like to hire customer service personnel?

Here we are! In recent years, this sector has grown into a very important one! Kolibrie Next is not a traditional employment agency, but a digital platform that uses a smart algorithm to quickly bring supply and demand together. We are happy to bring our enthusiastic students into contact with you!

Who is Kolibrie Next?

Originally, Kolibrie Next is a digital platform specialized in staff for hospitality and events. During the lockdown of the hospitality industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have extensively studied other sectors so that our enthusiastic Next Krew can continue working

Kolibrie Next and Customer service

Whether it concerns a webshop, telecom provider or health insurer, the quality of customer contact should always be good. We believe that with good service you can really make a difference in a  market these days. Our Kolibrie krew is ofcourse able to support you in the call centre, but they are also extremely suitable for solving problems via a mail or ticket system.

This is Kolibrie Next

  • Flexible customer service and call center staff

  • 24/7 access to our 10,000 candidates on our online platform

  • Custom pricing 

  • Easily create a pool of your favourite krew

  • Personal assistance from an Account Manager to find the perfect match together

Why Kolibrie Next?

Our krew consists of about 10,000 enthusiastic students, who are all communicatively proficient and ambitious. The ideal candidate for working at a customer service or in a call centre! 

At Kolibrie Next we like to work both personally and digitally. At first, our Account & Community Managers will always visit your company, to get a feeling and see where you are looking for. Then we get to work and find the best match! We do this through our online platform. In order to remain flexible, you can also put a job out on this platform yourself, at any time of the day, after which candidates can respond immediately. In this way you are always quickly provided with enthusiastic call center staff! 

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