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Looking for a hospitality agency that operates in Utrecht? Found one! Kolibrie Next is not a traditional hospitality agency, but a digital platform that by means of a smart algorithm brings supply and demand in the hospitality industry together. Employers at Kolibrie Next quickly find suitable hospitality staff and students quickly see their ideal, flexible job in Utrecht in the Next app. This university city has a pleasant city centre with wharf cellars along the canals full of cafes and terraces on the water. A real vibrant city!

Looking for hospitality staff in Utrecht?

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for flexible hospitality staff in Utrecht? Then you've come to the right place! Together, we look at what problems you're facing and we will try to find the best match for your job. We do this through our online platform with a reach of no less than 10,000 enthusiastic candidates. They have experience in the position of waitress, bartender and dishwasher.

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Are you looking for a hospitality job in Utrecht?

We're looking for you! Through our Kolibrie Next App you can register in a flash and share your preferences and experiences with us. In addition, the identification process runs entirely through this app and you can apply directly to the various jobs in the hospitality industry in Utrecht! If you let us know, you can often even start working together with a friend. This can be at a festival or event, but also in a café or restaurant. It is entirely up to you.

Our Next Community

At Kolibrie Next we find personal contact important. That is why we would like to invite you for an introductory drink. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other and teach you the tricks of our beautiful industry. And all this while enjoying a delicious beer that you tapped yourself! The available introductory drinks can be found in the App.

So do you want to work in the hospitality industry in Tilburg? Then quickly download our app! You can also use the link below to access our jobs. Check it out!

Looking for a hospitality job in Utrecht?

Kolibrie Next Utrecht

Kolibrie Next has been active in the hospitality city Utrecht for years. The establishment they had in the city center of Utrecht has now been moved to another city. Kolibrie Next is still actively present to provide the hospitality industry in Utrecht with good staff and to provide students with a great job in the hospitality industry.

Download the app or contact us at: 013-5499122

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