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Work @ ADE? Signup already for briefing!

Briefing ADE 2019

Work @ ADE? Signup already for briefing!
Briefing ADE 2019

2 shifts available

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  • Service
  • Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Events
  • Delivery


  • Minimum age of 18 years old


There will be no payment for this job, you will be paid in free drinks and snacks :)


Thanks for signing up for the ADE jobs! 

Many jobs for ADE will be posted shortly! by signing up here you make sure you will get your spot at epic events for ADE 2019!

Too make sure everything is going smooth during ADE we want you to come to the ADE briefing. We expect you to also be present during the briefing.
This is also the moment to meet eachother and have drinks and ask questions :)

We will also invite Jeff to this meeting, he is a beerdraft expert and can help you draft your beer even more perfect, so feel free to ask him for tips :)

This Briefing job on the platpform will be canceled 24 hours in advance, but will take place.


Marie Heinekenplein 6
1072MH Amsterdam


Apply via our app
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