Events and festival jobs

Feel like working at festivals this summer? Join Kolibrie Next at festivals throughout the Netherlands. Select your region and find all festival and event jobs in your area. Do you see something nice? Apply alone or with your friends via the Next app. Work hard, play hard!

Events and festival jobs
18 hospitality jobs found for festival- or event staff
Administrative HR talent @ Kolibrie
Administrative HR talent @ KolibrieKolibrie
Mo. 24 Feb07:30 - 12:30Tilburg
5 other shifts available
Nieuw? Join Kolibrie (Training) Drinks!
Nieuw? Join Kolibrie (Training) Drinks!Trainingsborrel @ Kolibrie Next
Mo. 24 Feb16:00 - 19:00Rotterdam
1 other shift available
New? Join Kolibrie meet & drinks!
New? Join Kolibrie meet & drinks!Kolibrie Next!
We. 4 Mar16:00 - 19:00Tilburg
WAS. - Runner - 07/03 BOILERROOM
WAS. - Runner - 07/03 BOILERROOMWAS. - Runner - 07.03.2020
Sa. 7 Mar22:59 - 08:00Utrecht
Bar @ Helden van Oranje Groningen
Bar @ Helden van Oranje GroningenHelden van Oranje Groningen
Su. 26 Apr15:00 - 23:00Groningen
King-S (Kingsnight) - Barkeeper
King-S (Kingsnight) - BarkeeperKing-S (koningsnacht)
Su. 26 Apr20:00 - 05:00Eindhoven
150% Barcrew@Loveland van Oranje
150% Barcrew@Loveland van OranjeLoveland van Oranje
Mo. 27 Apr09:00 - 18:00Amsterdam
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland Kingsland Amsterdam
Mo. 27 Apr10:00 - 18:00Amsterdam
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland Kingsland Rotterdam
Mo. 27 Apr10:00 - 21:00Rotterdam
150% | Bar @ Soia KoningsdagFest
150% | Bar @ Soia KoningsdagFestSoia Koningsdagfest
Mo. 27 Apr10:00 - 21:00Utrecht
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland Tilburg
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland TilburgPro-Drinks / Kingsland Tilburg
Mo. 27 Apr10:00 - 21:00Hilvarenbeek
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland Groningen
150% Salary | Bar @ Kingsland GroningenKingsland Groningen
Mo. 27 Apr11:00 - 22:00Groningen
King-S Festival - Barkeeper
King-S Festival - BarkeeperKing-S Festival Koningsdag
Mo. 27 Apr11:00 - 21:00Eindhoven
Bar @ Het Amsterdams Verbond
Bar @ Het Amsterdams VerbondHet Amsterdams Verbond
Tu. 5 May10:00 - 22:00Amsterdam
Bar @ Vrijstad Festival Utrecht
Bar @ Vrijstad Festival UtrechtVrijstad Festival Utrecht
Tu. 5 May10:00 - 21:00Nieuwegein
Bar @ Woo Hah
Bar @ Woo HahWoo Hah!
Fr. 10 Jul10:00 - 21:00Hilvarenbeek
5 other shifts available
Bar @ Vunzige Deuntjes Festival
Bar @ Vunzige Deuntjes FestivalVunzige Deuntjes Festival
Sa. 11 Jul10:00 - 21:00Amstelveen
Bar @ Dominator Festival
Bar @ Dominator FestivalDominator Eersel
Sa. 18 Jul09:00 - 21:00Eersel

Experiences of our Next Krew

Hiske, Tilburg

Hiske, Tilburg, 21yo

Working at Kolibrie Next is varied, fun and it fits in perfectly with my student life. Sometimes I work behind the bar at a festival and other times I work in restaurant Waanzinng. Completely different and that's what makes it so much fun.

Marleen, The Hague

Marleen, The Hague, 25yo

Working at Kolibrie Next allows me to plan my working days flexibly, to work when I can without having to plan far ahead. In a short period of time I have met many new people and experienced great workplaces. Great!

Varnavas, The Hague

Varnavas, The Hague, 24yo

I am Varnavas, 24 years old, coming from Cyprus. I am studying at Hotelschool The Hague and I am so happy working for Kolibrie next. It gives me the flexibility to work whenever I want, I get paid weekly and I enjoy working with friendly people in hospitable businesses.

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