Waiter or waitress jobs in Rotterdam

Looking for flexible waiter or waitress jobs in Rotterdam? With nice colleagues and a good atmosphere? Found it! Unlike a traditional hospitality agency, Kolibrie Next works via an app. With this app you can apply for the coolest hospitality jobs. Feel like it? Download the app and get to work!

6 hospitality jobs found for waiter or waitress in Rotterdam
BarbedieningVivre Productions
Th. 30 Jun13:00 - 22:30Rotterdam
2 other shifts available
muntenhok/kassaVivre Productions
Th. 30 Jun13:00 - 23:00Rotterdam
Desperado bar @ RotterdamsekostVivre Productions
Th. 30 Jun13:00 - 23:00Rotterdam
2 other shifts available
Mobiele pindame of heer @RotterdamsekostVivre Productions
Fr. 1 Jul15:00 - 19:30Rotterdam
1 other shift available
CuliNESSE Festival!Vivre Productions
Th. 25 Aug10:00 - 19:00Rotterdam
5 other shifts available
Opperdepop Festival!Vivre Productions
Th. 8 Sep10:00 - 19:00Bergschenhoek
5 other shifts available
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