Waiter or waitress jobs

Do you see yourself working as a waiter or waitress? Great! At Kolibrie Next you will find the best, flexible jobs as a waiter or waitress. Select your region and immediately find all the vacancies in your area. Do you see something nice? Apply via the app and get started.

Waiter or waitress jobs
16 hospitality jobs found for waiter or waitress
Waitress @ Fort Resort Beemster
Waitress @ Fort Resort BeemsterFort Beemster
Sa. 31 Jul14:00 - 23:00Zuidoostbeemster
16 other shifts available
Server @ Eetcafe de Buurtjes
Server @ Eetcafe de BuurtjesEetcafe de Buurtjes / Runner
Sa. 31 Jul15:00 - 22:00Heel
142 other shifts available
WaiterDolfijn Bowling
Sa. 31 Jul15:45 - 23:00Tilburg
14 other shifts available
Waiter @ Café 100 Watt
Waiter @ Café 100 WattStadsbrouwerij013
Sa. 31 Jul17:00 - 23:30Eindhoven
1 other shift available
Waitress @ Beachclub Wensveen
Waitress @ Beachclub WensveenStrandpaviljoen Wensveen
Su. 1 Aug07:00 - 14:00's-Gravenhage
54 other shifts available
Waitress @ Badhuys Vlieland
Waitress @ Badhuys VlielandBadhuys Vlieland Exploitatie B.V.
Su. 1 Aug07:00 - 19:00Vlieland
7 other shifts available
Bar/Bediening @ Luzt Gastrobar
Bar/Bediening @ Luzt GastrobarStadsbrouwerij013
Su. 1 Aug10:00 - 18:00Tilburg
12 other shifts available
Waiter @ Beachclub Grand Plage
Waiter @ Beachclub Grand PlageGrand Plage
Fr. 6 Aug10:00 - 13:00's-Gravenhage
90 other shifts available
Waiter and Bar @ Beachclub Breda
Waiter and Bar @ Beachclub BredaInsight Beach Stadsoase
Sa. 7 Aug07:00 - 15:00Breda
7 other shifts available
VACATURE Rest. Manager @ Copper Branch
VACATURE Rest. Manager @ Copper BranchCopper Branch
Sa. 7 Aug07:00 - 15:00Utrecht
3 other shifts available
Schoonmaak @Capfun Voorthuizen
Schoonmaak @Capfun VoorthuizenSchoonmaak accommodatie @Capfun Voorthuizen
Sa. 7 Aug07:00 - 13:00Voorthuizen
2 other shifts available
Swimming pool supervisor @Capfun
Swimming pool supervisor @CapfunToezichthouder zwembad @Capfun
Sa. 7 Aug07:00 - 15:00Voorthuizen
2 other shifts available
VACATURE: Waitress @ Uburyo Coffee
VACATURE: Waitress @ Uburyo CoffeeUburyo Coffee
Sa. 7 Aug07:00 - 15:00Amsterdam
8 other shifts available
VACATURE team lid @ Copper Branch
VACATURE team lid @ Copper BranchCopper Branch
Sa. 7 Aug08:00 - 20:00Utrecht
3 other shifts available
CuliNESSE Festival!
CuliNESSE Festival!Vivre Productions
Fr. 27 Aug07:00 - 19:00Rotterdam
2 other shifts available
Opperdepop Festival!
Opperdepop Festival!Vivre Productions
Th. 9 Sep08:00 - 20:00Bergschenhoek
2 other shifts available
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