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A roaring start in hospitality

Are you social, hospitable and are you looking for a temporary job in hospitality? Great! We are looking for new talents (with or without experience) for our flexible hospitality jobs in, amongst others, Amsterdam, Tilburg and Breda region.


Before you begin, an extensive hospitality training will give you a head start in your hospitality side job. Are you joining us on adventure?

A hospitality job where and whenever you want

We are looking for social, hospitable and fun people who would like to work at small and big events. For example catering jobs, waitering in restaurants, behind the bar at festivals or in the kitchen at a lunchroom.

Apply to the most diverse hospitality jobs, choose in which area you would like to grow as a hospitality talent and fly from job to job. The more jobs you do, the more you will earn!


Would you like to work together with your friends or your favorite colleague at an event? Then make sure to apply to available hospitality jobs together. We believe in teamwork. When our employees are enjoying themselves, our guests will too. Win-win!


A job in hospitality without experience, is that possible?

Yep. Experience is not a requirement at Kolibrie Next. We will teach you how to walk with full platters, carry multiple plates at the same time, how to welcome guests and how to deal with different ( positive and negative) situations. Afterwards it is your chance to gain experience in all the areas that the hospitality world has to offer.

Would you like to get to know the world of restaurants better? Apply for various positions and jobs within a restaurant, and apply a little less to big events.


Want to learn more about the world of events? Then sign up for the jobs of festivals, concerts and private parties. Your development is under your own control. Kolibrie Next gladly supports you along the way.


Explore hospitality with us


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