Countless of hospitality jobs, one big adventure!

We frequently have fun hospitality jobs in the regions of Amsterdam, Tilburg and Breda. Via Kolibrie Next you can work as a waiter/waitress or behind the bar at various events and festivals.


Which hospitality job suits you?

Kolibrie Next is always looking for the best matches between employers and employees. Therefore the app will only show you the jobs that are suitable specifically for you and the other way around. That saves a lot of time.


Make sure to indicate all of your preferences and skills in our app. Afterwards, you will be able to work at places that suit you best.


Work as a barista, in a food truck or at a hotel?

The job requests originate from various professions in hospitality. That is wat makes working at Kolibrie Next so much fun. You can start working as a barista in a stylish coffee café, behind the bar at a concert or you can serve tasty food at a trendy food truck.


Want to know more about our jobs?

Underneath we have listed all of our jobs. Here you can read what the job entails and what is expected from you.

Start working the same day!

For most jobs you have the ability to apply on the very same day, until a few hours before staring time. In case you are bored or suddenly have a day off, just open the app and see if there is any fun jobs available for you. That would be a nice bonus, right?


Also a great plus: You get paid every Friday. What a fantastic way to start your weekend!


Apply for hospitality jobs

As an employee you can easily indicate your availability via our app. Also, you can apply for interesting jobs straight away. Afterwards, we will get to work. We will contact the employer and confirm your application as soon as possible. In that way you can start working in no-time.


Join the family

Download the app, register at Kolibrie Next and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Interested in the jobs that we have to offer?


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