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Hey early riser! Do you love coffee and latte-art and do you have an eye for detail? Perhaps working as a barista suits you perfectly. Quickly check out all of our jobs.


What is a barista?

A what? A barista is a coffee specialist who makes, decorates and serves the black gold in the best way. As a barista you know exactly how to make the perfect espresso and how much milk is in a latte. Also you cannot resist to make a piece of art out of every layer of milk foam.


How do I get a barista job?

With a huge amount of love for coffee, people and the right training you can become a barista without any previous experience. Of course you also need practice, practice and more practice.


At Kolibrie Next you can attend these workshops and trainings. The different kinds of coffee, the difference in flavours and the entire process from berry to bean will be explained.


Afterwards we will start with practical exercise. You will learn everything about the grinding and tamping of the right amounts of coffee for for example an espresso or a latte.


Subsequently we will dive into the world of frothing milk. An art that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Also outside of your job as a barista.

Where can I start working as a barista?

Kolibrie Next flies from one to the other coffee shop, whereby you will get the chance to work in many cozy coffee shops. In your own city or in a different city.


Tips & tricks for your barista job

It is not easy to become a good barista, but with our help, trainings and the help of internet you will come a long way. Would you like to geta sneak peek of how to create hearts in milk foam? Check out this video:


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