Do you want a bartender job? We got it!

Do you like working hard, having lots of fun and can you make irresistible drinks? Then check out our bartender jobs.


What is a job as bartender or barmaid like?

Good and sociable bartenders determine the atmosphere of the bar. You pour cold beers, delicious wines and mix drinks and you are aware of the fact that personal attention for every guest is of great importance. The bar is your island and you make sure that everything always looks great.


Bartender job description:

  • Welcoming guests
  • Remember orders
  • Tap beer
  • Knowing what you pour
  • Making cocktails, shots and mix drinks
  • Verify people’s ages
  • Rinse glasses
  • Connecting and disconnecting kegs
  • Clean and tidy up


What does it take to get a job as a bartender?

A bartender is social, loves music and fun and is energetic through the entire evening. You can adapt quickly and will develop the needed knowledge about drinks, liquor and people.


If this matches your personality, you can become a bartender. You will automatically gain experience and you can train yourself in remembering orders, how you can hold your platter with drinks in the best way and how to deal with different (sometimes difficult) situations. Again the same principle applies: when you are enjoying yourself, your guests will too.

Where can I start my job as a bartender?

Kolibrie Next is always looking for bartenders everywhere. From big event to intimate party and from restaurant to festival: we need energetic employees everywhere. Since we have many fun bartender jobs, you can work as much as you would like.


Tips & tricks for bartenders and barmaids

The bar is one big stage of entertainment. Colourful drinks, burning shots or show some impressive bar tricks: everything is possible here. The next movie will show you how to create a festive B52.



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