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Do you want a hotel job? We got it!

Are you hospitable, representative and helpful? And would you like working in a hotel? Then you were born for these hotel jobs.


What is a job in a hotel like?

As employee you are the face of the hotel. Whether you are serving guests in the restaurant or preparing their meals; you are making sure that your guests are having a fantastic stay. The marvellous thing about working in a hotel is that everything of the hospitality industry comes together. Since a hotel is open 24 hours a day, you have numerous jobs to choose from. For example:


Breakfast-,lunch-, or dinner employee

Hotel job description:

  • Welcome guests
  • Waitering
  • Set up tables(mise en place)
  • Clearing up the table and doing dishes


Kitchen help

Hotel job description:

  • Support chefs with simple tasks
  • Cutting of food
  • Organising and checking of orders
  • Tidy up

Can I get a hotel job without a diploma?

Everyone with or without a diploma can work in a hotel. Beforehand you will receive an extensive basis training in hospitality and waitering. Here you will learn how to welcome guests, walk with a platter and walk with three plates. In the future we will expand our trainings with, amongst others, a specific hotel training. Hence, you will be even better prepared for working in a hotel.


In which hotels can I work?

Kolibrie Next has and is making connections throughout the Netherlands. Stay tuned and follow the website for all jobs in hotels and their restaurants.

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