Do you want a restaurant job? We got it!

Do you love good food and making others happy with great dishes? Then these jobs in restaurants may be interesting for you. Have a look and sign up!


What is a restaurant job like?

Whether you cook, waiter, do dishes or serve drinks; working in a restaurant means that you will make sure that your guests are having the best evening of their lives. You react when they need something, make sure that they are always foreseen with  drinks and that at the end of the dinner they will walk away with a big smile on their faces. At various Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Dutch restaurants you can apply for multiple positions:


Your tasks:

  • Taking orders
  • Serve guests
  • Set and clear the tables
  • Settle the bill with guests


Your tasks:

  • You will bring the drinks and dishes to the right table
  • You tidy up the tables

Kitchen help

Your tasks:

  • Support chefs with simple tasks
  • Cutting of ingredients
  • Regulating and checking of orders
  • Cleaning up


Your tasks:

  • The gathering of dirty dishes
  • Rinsing and washing-up
  • Returning clean tableware and glasses

Can I get a job in a restaurant without experience?

Absolutely. Before you start working in a restaurant you will receive an extensive training in which we will teach you all the skills of hospitality. If you have completed this training successfully, you can start anywhere you would like. Even without pre-education or experience. After each job you have gained new experience and you will notice that your skills will improve. Kolibrie Next will grant you the opportunity to realise your true potential.


In which restaurants can I start working?

Kolibrie Next has various jobs in restaurants for you. For example Italian, Chinese, Greek and Japanese restaurants.


Some restaurants are very informal, others are top-notch and sometimes you will get to work in creative pop-up restaurants in Amsterdam. Kolibrie Next works together with restaurants throughout the Netherlands.


Tips & tricks for restaurant jobs

You will learn the basis in the Kolibrie Next trainings. Additionally, the internet has countless tips, tricks and information to offer about working in a restaurant. We have already found some tips for you that have proven to stimulate tipping. Take your advantage out of it!


  • Wear something special (whenever possible)
  • Introduce yourself to guests
  • Smile a lot and entertain your guests
  • Repeat the order
  • Call your guests by name (when appropriate)
  • Write ‘thank you’ on the bill
  • Offer the guests candy together with the bill

Sign up and apply!

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