Find the greatest jobs in waitering at Kolibrie Next

Are you hospitable, a hard worker and do you want to make sure that your guests are having a fantastic evening? Can you already imagine yourself as a waiter or waitress? Then this job might be your pick!


Job description waiter/waitress

You make sure that guests feel welcome and that everything suits their needs during the evening. You take orders, chat with the guests, serve the food and eventually take care of the payment of the bill. You are the face of the restaurant.


As a waiter/waitress you need to be strong enough to carry filled platters and dinner plates. Besides that, you are good at keeping an overview of all the guests and tables. You makes sure that nobody has to wait for a long time. As a waiter/waitress you will gradually develop this understanding.


Waitering job description:

  • Taking reservations
  • Preparing a table (mise en place)
  • Welcoming guests and placing of guests
  • Taking and passing on orders
  • Preparing orders
  • Serving of food and beverages
  • Taking care of the bill
  • Clean and tidy up


How do I become a good waiter/waitress?

Before you will start your side job in waitering, we will teach you all the ins and outs. Remember though: practice makes perfect! Hence, apply for as many waitering jobs as possible after your training.

If you are social, friendly and caring by nature, you are on your way to becoming a fantastic waiter/waitress. Besides that, Kolibrie Next will give you trainings and workshops beforehand to develop your skills. During these trainings you will receive lessons in hospitality and serving.


In the training you will learn how to welcome guests, pour drinks, set the table professionally and walk with multiple plates at the same time. At Kolibrie Next we will grant you the possibility to learn this at your own pace. The most important thing is that you develop yourself into the hospitality hero that you want to be.


Where can I start my job in waitering?

Each week we offer new workplaces. Perhaps you will work at a big wedding, the next time you will work in a popular restaurant and the third time you will work in a small eatery in Amsterdam. We now offer jobs at:

  • Taste & More  
  • De IJzeren man


Tips & tricks for my job as a waiter or waitress

The biggest tip that we can give you is: have fun while doing your job. As long as the waiters and waitresses in a bar, restaurant or hotel are enjoying themselves, the guests will likely do too.

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