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Crazy about festivals, working with friends and are you energetic? Kolibrie Next is frequently looking for employees for big events. Check out our jobs for work at festivals and have an amazing summer.


Work at festivals and events

Good and hospitable hospitality staff is irreplaceable for festival organizations. Whether you work at the entrance, the wardrobe, behind the bar or even backstage. Everything needs to run as smoothly as possible. After your work at the festival you can party with your friends. Work hard, play hard!

What does a festival job involve?

As festival employee your work activities will mostly be behind the bar. For this reason you need to have a lot of energy, a high working pace and some calculating skills. The high pace is extra important, because the bar will be very crowded.  


As a bartender you will get your own area in which you need to make sure that everyone is provided with drinks.

Besides bartending you can also be deployed at ticket verification or the wardrobe. This differs per festival. Are you excited to join us and work at festivals?


Festival job description:

  • Take drink orders from behind the bar
  • Issuance of drinks
  • Calculating and collecting coins(before you hand over the order)
  • Pour drinks
  • Tap
  • Wardrobe/lockers
  • Ticket verification

On which festivals can I work?

You can work at the most fascinating festivals and events all summer long. Alone, with your friends or with your favourite colleagues.


Tips & tricks for festival work

When festival visitors order drinks, make sure they give you the coins before you hand over the drinks. Otherwise there is the possibility that people will walk away without paying;)


Oh- and enjoy, dance and entertain yourself! You are outside, listening to music and on top of that also earning money. Can it get any better?

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