Want to hire bar staff? We will arrange it for you!

When you are organizing an event or are expecting a lot of people in your pub, Kolibrie Next would like to make a selection of good bar staff for you.


Hire bar staff that suit you

When new employees register with us, experience is no requirement. Kolibrie Next ensures that everybody is prepared for the hospitality industry herself. We do so with the help of training sessions and additional workshops. During these sessions, they learn all about hospitality, walking with full serving trays and how to make the perfect beer.


Have employees finished their training? Then they can apply for vacancies and events that match their profile. This way, you as an employer are always ensured of good and trained staff behind the bar.


Hire local bar staff in Amsterdam

Kolibrie Next recruits bar staff nationwide and also employs staff nationwide in the Netherlands. Bar staff in Amsterdam, is linked to work in Amsterdam. That has many benefits: they know the city, are quickly on location and know the hospitality industry in Amsterdam. Of course, the same applies to other cities.

Need bar staff for your pub, bar or club?

Do you have a party planned? Then you can use some extra staff behind the bar. Our employees are enthusiastic, flexible and know how to make some good beers. We would like to select good bar staff for your bar, club or pub. Just tell us where and when!


Looking for bar staff for events or festivals?

We can also arrange that for you! Kolibrie Next has worked together with big festivals and events in the past and only supplies bar staff that suits your event. With or without experience. Also for smaller events such as weddings, office parties and anniversaries we would like to arrange the bar staff for you.

Want to hire bar staff?

Contact us Place a job

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