Want to hire a barista?

A barista is a coffee specialist who can create the finest pieces of art from coffee. And never underestimate the value of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It can add a lot to your event, lunch room or coffee bar. Hiring a barista who knows all about good coffee can be easily done via Kolibrie Next.


The best coffee, the very best baristas

Brewing good coffee is quite difficult. Whether you are brewing a powerful espresso or a latte with almond milk; each one has to be perfectly balanced. That’s why we also train or hospitality staff to be a barista. If you would like to hire a barista, they are happy to come and let you taste their skills.


Hire local baristas in Amsterdam

Kolibrie Next employs baristas nationwide in the Netherlands. But if possible, we link baristas from Amsterdam to events and coffee bars in Amsterdam. This is pleasant for both the barista and the client. They know the city and are quickly on location with last-minute requests. Of course, the same applies to other Dutch cities.

Need an extra specialist for your coffee bar?

When your coffee bar is understaffed for a period, it is also possible to hire a barista at Kolibrie Next for a longer period of time. If it is possible, we will always send the same barista. This way we deliver qualitative continuity. And that means better sales most of the time!


Hire a barista for your event

Are you organizing an event soon, such as a big jubilee or fair? Begin or break up the day with a special cup of coffee. A luxury coffee stand with a nice barista always enjoys visitors. And it also looks fantastic at your event. Therefore, hiring a barista is a must do.

Hire a barista?

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