Hire the best staff for events and festivals

There is a lot involved when planning and organizing an event or festival. Fortunately, a lot of these things can be outsourced, such as arranging bar staff, administration and corresponding payments. Kolibrie Next will happily take care of these things for you.


All your bar staff for festivals arranged at once

When you are organizing a big event or festival, you need to fill a lot of bars with enthusiastic people who are flexible, know how to calculate and can tap beers very well. We can arrange this bar staff for you. For one day, the whole weekend or the whole week.


Trained bar staff increases sales

We believe that it is important that for every event the right bar staff is selected. Since we believe that enthusiastic and trained bar staff at festivals and events can make a big difference. Not only for the atmosphere, but also for sales. We do not know beginners’ mistakes, but we do know festival audience. This helps a great deal with responding to different situations.


Shortage in bar staff on the second day of your festival?

Does it become apparent after day 1 of your event, that there were long queues at the bar? And can you use some extra bar staff last-minute? Contact your personal contact person within Kolibrie Next or fill out a new request via your account. Within a few minutes your request is online in the app and suitable candidates can apply. This even up to a few hours from starting time! That’s how quick it can be arranged.

Other festival employees wanted?

Besides bar staff, you also need other good staff at events and festivals. For example, staff at the entrance, lockers, food trucks and even at the crew catering. These festival employees are also at your service and are personally selected for your event.


Partying with Kolibrie Next

With Kolibrie we have over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. We know what is going on when it comes to arranging staff for hospitality establishments, events or festivals. Since January 2018 we are live and have since provided staff for events such as the Woo Hah festival, different food trucks and popular restaurants in Amsterdam. We would like to add your event or festival to this list!

Want to hire staff for events or festivals?

Contact us Place a job

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