Hire a waiter or waitress through Kolibrie Next!

Whether you are the owner of a hospitality business or are organizing an event, Kolibrie Next will arrange the best service staff for you. Our trained employees can be ready for you within no-time.


Hire a waiter or waitress selected for you

Because we are a young company, we are not bound to outdated, internal procedures. Kolibrie Next is flexible and responds to your personal wish. In doing so, we are creative in finding the best candidates. For example, your request will only be visible to employees that match a certain profile. This way, you can always hire service staff who suit your hotel, lunchroom or restaurant. Pleasant idea, right?


Only the best service staff is good enough

At Kolibrie Next we have a compulsory training procedure that is based on the personal development of our service employees. This way, we are left with the really motivated candidates. This shows in the quality of our service staff on the job.



Looking to hire enthusiastic restaurant employees?

Do you want to hire a cocktail waiter for an event you have planned? Or do you simply have an unfilled spot in your staff planning? Kolibrie Next can arrange, even up to 1 day in advance, suited restaurant employees who can jump in. You can hire waiters or waitresses, but also assistance for the kitchen. We make sure they have learned and mastered the basic skills of the profession.


Hotel staff or lunchroom employees wanted?

Specifically looking to hire a waiter or waitress for a lunchroom or hotel? We also train our employees for this field of work. Of course every line of business has its own wishes and requirements. We make sure that all boxes are checked before our service and hotel staff goes on an adventure with us in the hospitality industry.

Want to hire waiters or waitresses?

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