Why we are the go to hospitality agency for your business

Are you organizing an event or do you own a heavily crowded restaurant which can (from time to time) use an extra pair of hands? Then you can turn to a hospitality employment agency. But why would you choose Kolibrie Next? Here you can read why:


25 years of experience in the hospitality industry

Kolibrie HRM has been a widely known name in the hospitality industry for almost 25 years. Starting off with HRM we have grown into being a market leader in pay rolling and HRM for the hospitality industry.


To become a true all-rounder, we are introducing our own hospitality employment agency. An agency that focuses on quality, instead of quantity. We believe that every event is unique and are therefore always looking for the most suitable employees.


Hire hospitality staff via our app

Do you have an unfilled spot in your schedule? Within a few minutes your request is online in our app and all suitable candidates can apply. This goes quick and easy. They can even respond to your request up to a few hours from starting time. That is how flexible we are.


The app

All our employees fill out their skills and availability through our app ‘Kolibrie Next’. When you place a request, only employees with the right requirements will see your request. This way, you are always ensured of the best hospitality staff.


The selection

As an employer, you can also select which candidates will work for you. When you don’t have the time for that, we are happy to help. What you wish.


The administration

In the same week, our hospitality staff is paid by us. As employer, you do not have to worry about this. We also take care of all administration.

From HRM to hospitality staff

In addition to taking care of all your HRM matters, as of January 2018, Kolibrie also takes care of your hospitality staff. As employer, it is convenient to have all services under one roof.

When you combine our two services, you can choose to transfer your hired candidates (with mutual satisfaction) to Kolibrie Payroll free of charge.


We take away all your concerns in the field of HRM, hospitality staff and administration.

  • Payroll
  • HRM
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Temporary employment (18-25 years)
  • Profile- and team analysis
  • Self employed services
  • Outsourcing of back office for HRM

Want to hire hospitality staff?

Contact us Place a job

Trained staff

Everybody who’s working for Kolibrie Next, has participated in a basic hospitality and serving training course. From then on, they’re ready for every hospitality adventure.

The best match

The best match

In need of extra staff? Easily place your job on our website. Based on your subscription, we will match the best people to your project.


Kolibrie Next works via an app. All of our employees use it to fill in their availability, skills and experience. Then our matching procedure starts. As our client, you can always see who is selected for your job. 

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