Hospitality training & Next events

To get you completely ready for working in the hospitality industry, we organise fun hospitality training and introductory drinks for our staff. Here you will meet the Next Krew and we will teach you all the ins and outs of hospitality. And of course we are having a nice drink afterwards. When will you come?

Basic hospitality training

During our introductory drink you will get to know Next and our community. All people you are going to work with as well as the people who provide you with work. In addition to the introduction and a fun drink, we will teach you the basics of the hospitality profession. Like walking with a tray, walking with three plates, debrassing, tapping beer and other useful tips and tricks. Everyone is welcome, with or without experience.

Extend your knowledge with other hospitality training courses

After the basic training you will be sent into the field of work. Do you want to learn more? Then you can choose to grow into a team leader. A team leader is the point of contact for clients and colleagues, arranges check-in at festivals and football matches, for example, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Are you happy with barista work or shaking and preparing cocktails? Then you can also take other in-depth courses. There are already plans for beer, barista, cocktail and wine courses within Kolibrie Next. So stay tuned!

Barista training

Yes! Experience is not required with us. We make sure that you learn in advance how to walk with full trays and multiple plates, how to receive guests and how to deal with different (fun and annoying) situations.

Then it's up to you to gain a lot of experience in the areas of the hospitality industry.

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