Do you have a passion for the hospitality industry and are you looking for a side job? Great! We currently have host/hostess jobs available! But what exactly can you expect when you work as a host? We’ve listed everything you need to know below!

Working as a hostess

What exactly does a host or hostess do? When you work as a host, your face is the first thing guests see when they enter. You therefore represent the company. You welcome the guests with a big smile and make sure they will have an unforgettable time. Do you work in a restaurant? Then you escort guests to their table, take their coats and address them by their last name to give them a personal experience. Work at a concert or festival? Then you happily scan all the tickets and wish everyone a good time.

What can you expect as a hostess?

The food or event might be enjoyable as is, but your perfect service will make it a time they will never forget. Sometimes you need to assist the waiters or help guests find their seats in the venue. This is not a problem for you at all, because you know exactly what your guests need. You provide guests with all the right answers. Dissatisfied guest? You make sure their complaint is resolved in the right way. You make sure all the guests feel good. In other words, service is key in this job!

What skills do you need as a host/hostess?

There is no specific education required to work as a host/hostess, but there are a number of skills that are important. As mentioned before, it’s important that you are friendly to customers and offer the best service. You contribute to their experience and make sure they have an amazing time. Additionally, you have an eye for detail and are familiar with the appropriate etiquette (of course, you can learn this on the job!). You know how to keep an overview and know exactly where and when you are needed. When you possess these skills, you are ready to go!

How much salary can you expect as a hostess?

The salary of a host depends on the establishment where you will be working and your own work experience. Besides minimum wage, your salary also depends on the applicable collective agreement (CAO). Either way, you can earn a nice income!

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Want to work as a hostess?

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