Do you have a passion for the hospitality industry and are you looking for a side job? Great! We currently have waiter jobs available! But what exactly can you expect when you work as a waiter? We’ve listed everything you need to know below!

Working as a waiter

As a waiter, you are employed in a restaurant, café, hotel or other hospitality establishment. While waiting on tables, your main task is to serve amazing food and drinks to guests. When guests arrive, you provide them with a warm welcome and bring them to an empty table. You take their orders and pass them on to the kitchen and bar staff. Depending on where you work, your job may also include preparing drinks or small dishes and bar snacks.

What can you expect as a waiter?

In addition, you ensure that the tables are cleared and ready for the next guests. You make people feel welcome and are able to tell them everything they want to know about the menu. When guests are finished eating, you hand them the bill and handle payment. After closing, you and the other staff make sure everything is clean and tidy and ready for the next day. Sounds good, right?

What skills do you need as a waiter?

As a waiter, it’s important that you are a people’s person and friendly to all customers. You represent the company and make guests feel welcome. You are enthusiastic about food and are happy to help customers decide on what to eat. It’s important that you can cope with stress, as there are many peak times when you need to be able to keep your cool. In addition, you have no problem with keeping an overview and are flexible, as waiters often work during evenings and weekends.

How much salary can you expect as a waiter?

The salary of a waiter depends on the establishment where you will be working and your own work experience. Besides minimum wage, your salary also depends on the applicable collective agreement (CAO). Either way, you can earn a nice income!

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Want to work as a waiter?

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